Awards, Recognition & Trophies – Oh My!

Over 100 sailors gathered last Saturday, November 8th, at Portland Yacht Club (PYC) for the annual OCSA (Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association) Tropical Awards Party. By all accounts, the event was a rousing success! After years in storage, the Tiki Bar was re-incarnated and decorated to the hilt, and the umbrella drinks flowed easily from both bars. Bleu Door Catering fed everyone well with a tropical-themed dinner, and the personal key lime pies were an enormous hit! Elections for OCSA’s 2015 Officers took place and a new slate was voted in by the Membership. Awards were presented by OCSA, PYC, CYC (Corinthian Yacht Club) and RCYC (Rose City Yacht Club). 
Congratulations go to the following 2014 trophy and first-place award recipients!

2014 OCSA Awards:

  • OCSA Sailor of the Year: Eric Collins
    Eric drove his beloved Santa Cruz 27, Kokopelli, in the 2014 CYC Oregon Offshore race and received third place overall – less than 20 minutes behind the overall winner. With such skill and crew work, needless to say he has a habit of winning river races, too. As CYC’s Treasurer and a Trustee, he was an integral part in the club’s planning and also the promotion of the Oregon Offshore as well. During this time, we witnessed two of that race’s most successful years. In addition, Eric coordinated and scored all 17 2013-2014 Sailing on Sunday series races and allowed 62 boats with their crew to race during the off-season. Thank you, Eric, for your efforts and dedication!
  • OCSA Bursted Breech: Bruce Newton
    Following the Seattle NOOD (National Offshore One Design), Bruce caused an epic traffic jam on Interstate 5 during rush hour when his trailer blew a tire. His Merit 25 and trailer had to be loaded onto a flatbed and hauled off the highway. His long-suffering crew also had to spend the night in Seattle before finding a shop that could fix the trailer. Needless to say, this wild adventure cost him; but deservedly earned him and his crew this award.
  • OCSA Sandbox: Craig Daniels
    Who didn’t see Craig with his daughter or another crew member jump into the “drink” pulling his Cal 20, For My Girls, off the sand this summer?(!!) Well, Craig admitted to running aground 3 times this year! Lesson learned?
  • OCSA Good Times: Jacqueline Pitter
    Jacqueline took on the post of Entertainment Chair for SYSCO (Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon) 3 years ago and has managed dozens of  awards parties and summer bar-be-queues with aplomb. She is such a fine hostess, always with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.
  • OCSA Welcome Slough: Kevin Driscoll
    Kevin jumped into sailing with his sea-boots on. He started with a US-27, sold it and bought a C&C 30. He sailed on Shamrock (Yankee 30) during the spring and summer, took the Safety at Sea seminar on Bainbridge Island, sailed in his first Oregon Offshore race and recently joined the crew of Velocity (J-42). He is totally gung-ho, and is as motivated a newbie as anyone has seen in years.
  • OCSA Sailing Sportsmanship: Doug Schenk and Eric Hopper
    These two individuals exhibited Corinthian sportsmanship both on and off the water. Not only have they done an amazing job this year campaigning their J/105, Free Bowl of Soup, in both the CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race to Victoria BC (2nd place overall) and the Pacific Cup Yacht Race to Hawaii (1st in fleet), but they and their crew have raised over $35,000 during the past 10 years for the Oregon Food Bank with their annual “Free Bowl of Soup” Beer Can race. Go, Soup!
  • OCSA Participation & Performance Trophy: Mike Pitarresi, Yeah Baby
    Mike and crew had an amazing year, and are very deserving of the hard-won trophy. Competition was stiff and this year 93 boats participated in at least one (of 9) qualifying race. Going into the last race, 5 boats were in contention for the trophy that, for the past seven seasons, has seen one-design fleets – namely those in the Martin fleet – dominate this cumulative event. Yeah Baby (S2 9.1) came out ahead to win and is the first PHRF (Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet)-raced boat to earn the honors since 2006 when Frank Colistro and his team on Wy’East (Cascade 36) won.
    Nipping at Mike’s transom was the team on Nelly (Martin 24x), who deserve kudos for being just one-half point behind the leader. While this team of highly-skilled and tuned sailors are not to be taken lightly, you can always find them with smiles on their faces and a kind word.
    Lastly, honorable mention goes to both Rock & Dena Kent (Apple Pi, Martin 24x, 2013 Trophy winner) and Mike Stainsby (Kermit, Martin 24x), who raced in every single qualifying event. That’s “Participation” (with a capital “P”) to the max!

And, more winners…


  • A-1 Fleet
    • RCYC Frostbite: Panama Red, Chris Schweiger
  • A Fleet
    • Opening Day, PYC Spring: Anam Cara, Tom Kelly
    • CYC Summer Series, PYC Robert A Smith: Myst, Rod Buck
    • RCYC Long Distance: Diversion, Mark Newbrook
    • CYC Fall: Kokopelli, Eric Collins
  • B Fleet
    • RCYC Frostbite, PYC Robert A Smith: Yeah Baby, Mike Pitarresi
    • Opening Day: Still En D’Nile, Allan Weber
    • PYC Spring: Cool Change, Frank Noragon
    • CYC Summer Series: Kokopelli, Eric Collins
    • RCYC Long Distance: Myst, Rod Buck
    • CYC Fall: Knuckle Buster, Jim Severs
  • C Fleet
    • RCYC Frostbite: Nelly, David Paul
    • Opening Day: Myst, Rod Buck
    • CYC Summer Series: Pajema, James Shaw
    • RCYC Long Distance: Bite Me, Phillip Campagna
  • D Fleet
    • Opening Day: River Dance, Michelle Bennett


  • Cal 20 Fleet
    • PYC Spring, RCYC Long Distance: River Dance, Michelle Bennett
    • CYC Summer Series: Check Ride, Jim Cullison/Brian Breitbarth  
    • CYC Fall, PYC Robert A Smith: For My Girls, Craig Daniels
  • Catalina 22 Fleet
    • CYC Summer Series: Togarty, Don Woodhouse
  • i550 Fleet
    • Opening Day: Boxed Wine, Brian Lockwood
  • J-24 Fleet
    • RCYC Frostbite, PYC Commodore’s Race: Strange Brew, Blain Goold
    • PYC Spring, CYC Summer Series: Bite Me, Phillip Campagna
    • PYC Robert A Smith: Star Eyed Stella, Craig Garrison
  • Martin 24x Fleet
    • Opening Day, CYC Summer Series, PYC Commodore’s Race, CYC Fall: Nelly, Barbara Hutchinson/David Paul
    • PYC Spring: Bob, Steve Weir
    • RCYC Long Distance: Apple Pi, Rock Kent
    • PYC Robert A Smith: Bad Habit, Karen Anderson
  • Merit 25 Fleet
    • RCYC Frostbite, CYC Summer Series: Paradox, Rhys Balmer
    • PYC Spring: Runaway, David Paligo
    • PYC Robert A Smith: Nausicaa, Tod Bassham
  • Ranger 20 Fleet
    • CYC Summer Series: Papagayo, Michael Barth
    • CYC Fall: Pumpkin Seed, Rich Vlach
  • Multi Fleet
    • CYC Summer: Serina, Dennis Winner


  • General
    • RCYC Frostbite: La Dolce Vita, Scott Stevenson
  • A Fleet
    • CYC Summer Series: Still En D’Nile, Allan Weber
  • B Fleet
    • CYC Summer Series: La Dolce Vita, Scott Stevenson

Detailed 2014 results for CYC, PYC & RCYC can be viewed at SailPDX Race Results.  OCSA Awards Party photos are available at the SailPDX Photo Gallery.

Click here for information regarding OCSA, CYC, PYC, RCYC or local racing fleets.

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