Changes to General Sailing Instructions

Please be aware that OCSA has recently updated the 2015 General Sailing instructions. The changes are limited to section 1 and section 17 of the OCSA General Sailing Instructions (GSI) regarding specific references to safety regulations which have changed. The updated sections of the GSI are now written as follows:

“1. RULES: Races shall be governed by the current ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US Sailing, the rules of any one-design, level, or PHRF fleet participating in the event, the PIYA Safety Equipment Requirements (SERs) where specified, and these OCSA General Sailing Instructions; the Notice of Race and the Supplemental Sailing Instructions for the event will apply.”

  • The change to section 1 updates a reference to a depreciated PIYA safety regulation. The new text reflects the current PIYA safety standards.

“17.4) All boats shall comply with the “Nearshore” PIYA Safety Equipment Regulations (See )”

  • The changes to 17.4 are to update the reference to the “Nearshore” category within the current PIYA Safety Equipment Regulations and to provide the appropriate hyperlink to the PIYA Safety Equipment Regulations document. 

It is highly recommended that racers familiarize themselves with the changes to the OCSA General Sailing Instructions and review the safety requirements.

The most recent OCSA General Sailing Instructions can be downloaded from the SailPDX website at the following link:

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Rich Calnon
2015 OCSA Commodore

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