Harvest Moon – it’s Super!

If you thought that last month’s moon was spectacular, well then this month’s full moon may be even better. Today the moon reaches its full-phase peak (6:38 pm PDT) and thus qualifies as the Harvest Moon – the full moon falling closest to autumnal equinox. This year’s Harvest Moon also qualifies as a Super Moon – the moon’s closest point to Earth for the month (lunar perigee). Look for this full moon to usher in wide-ranging spring tides (yes, spring tides in the fall!) along the ocean coastlines for the next several days.

So, enjoy the evening – take a moon-lit sail.  And if you can’t get outside tonight, you’re in luck! Watch for it to rise shortly after sunset for several evenings in a row. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to view the bright Harvest Super Moon!

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