Races to Hawaii

Three sailboat races to Hawaii will take place early this month, starting with the 20th Singlehanded Transpac 2016 on July 2nd (San Francisco, CA–Hanalei Bay, Kaua’i), followed by the 50th Vic-Maui International Yacht Race commencing July 9-12 (Victoria Harbour, BC–Lahaina, Maui), and finally the 2016 Pacific Cup (Pac Cup) begins July 11-15 (San Francisco, CA–Kaneohe Bay, Oahu).

These long-distance Pacific endurance races can take up to 3 weeks to reach each respective finish line, depending on weather and ocean conditions. These are hard-core races (and sailors!) and an enormous undertaking, which required extensive planning and preparation. Each race is a true test of grit, focus and determination.

Among those participating are several Portland boats, skippers and crew, including:

Singlehanded Transpac 2016 (2,120 nmi):

  • Saraband, David King, Westsail 32

50th Vic-Maui International Yacht Race (2,308 nmi):
Race Tracker: http://www.vicmaui.org/tracker

  • Raindrop, Joby Easton/Bill Huseby, Cascade 36
  • Ion (Nanaimo, BC), Bill Jones, Beneteau 43: Cathy Meyer, Portland/crew

2016 Pac Cup (2,070 nmi):
Race Tracker:

May you all sail fast, sail safe, and enjoy big winds and following seas. And when you arrive at your respective destinations, you’ll have deserved several cold ones to ease those sea-legs!

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