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Proposed Rule Change

During yesterday evening’s OCSA (Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association) Board meeting, we had an excellent protracted discussion about changes to the OCSA General Sailing Instructions (GSI) for 2015. We cleaned up the language a bit here and there, but we got stuck on one big question regarding boats that are late to the start. I mean, VERY late to the start – by more than 5 minutes (doesn’t pertain to boats who started OCS). Some of us felt that if you’re late and trying to start well after your fleet has started, you’re going to be unfairly encumbering the next fleet to start. And are you really racing at that point? Some others of us felt that with Portland traffic the way that it is, occasionally a boat is VERY late to the start, but still deserves to give it a yeoman’s try. So we decided, instead of making the decision, to put this question to our membership.

Please click here to answer this survey question by this Saturday at midnight, and give it a YES or NO response:

Do you like this proposed rules change? 

11.7) Other than a boat subject to an individual recall (RRS 29.1), a boat failing to start before the starting signal for the subsequent class shall be scored DNS without a hearing.  This changes RRS 63.1 & Appendix A5.

Thank you for your input and feedback.

Fair Winds,

Anna Campagna
2014 OCSA Commodore

Update (12/9/14):
The response to the survey question was overwhelmingly NO.
The proposed rules change, 11.7, will not be included in the OCSA GSI for 2015.

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