“Safety at Sea” Scheduled in Portland

Volunteers from the Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association (OCSA) and Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC) are working together to bring a one-day Safety at Sea (SaS) seminar to Portland on March 14, 2015. Bob Schoonmaker will be hosting the event locally (location: TBD), with Bruce Brown from US Sailing serving as moderator. These two individuals have coordinated and taught these seminars together for years in the Seattle area. We’re fortunate to have them join us in Portland!

This course will comply with CYC’s safety requirement for the 2015 Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race. For those interested in participating in ISAF (International Sailing Federation)-sanctioned races such as the Pacific Cup or Vic-Maui, a two-day seminar featuring hands-on training with safety gear may be required. You should note that Portland’s one-day SaS seminar would not meet that requirement.

Everyone will be welcome. This will be a very valuable educational experience not only for offshore racers, but for cruisers and anyone anticipating sailing on long coastal passages – whether novice or expert.

Stay tuned for more information and updates as they come available.

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