US Sailing Club Judge Seminar

A one-day US Sailing Club Judge seminar will take place February 28th at Anacortes Yacht Club. This seminar is a requirement for initial certification as a US Sailing Club Judge. Some protest committee experience is helpful, but not required. The objectives of the club judge program are to improve the quality, consistency and fairness of protest hearings and results, at the club level.

Topics in the club judge program include: deriving a set of facts from testimony, managing a hearing with proper procedures, applying applicable rules, and arriving at conclusions and a decision. The seminar will concentrate on three areas of development: Mock Hearings, Part 2 rules, Part 5 and Appendix M rules. Testing is on-line after the seminar on your own within 9 days. 

For detailed information and/or to registration (deadline: 2/23), click on the following link: US Sailing Judge Seminar.140228

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