Winter Weather Warning

Please be aware of the latest weather forecast predicting severe winter conditions, with potential freezing rain and strong East winds, over the next several days. Please check your lines, secure your boats and take appropriate actions to prepare for the winter weather forecast ahead.

Here’s a few added suggestions from Captain Ron, of Columbia River Marine Assistance, on their Facebook page:

“Check your boat, be sure that you have some heat going and close all those through hull valves so even if you do freeze something it shouldn’t sink your boat. Also, the forecast calls for high winds, and not because we have politicians downtown, be sure to check your mooring lines for chafing, perhaps add in an extra redundant line or two. At the last blow a boat in Hayden Bay actually pulled the cleats right out of the dock and sailed away across the bay with no one aboard. Only two lines on a 28 foot boat, to the wall of shame with you!

Be sure your batteries are charged, they can freeze if left discharged. Did you winterize your fresh water system? Our marina (Tomahawk) didn’t, nor did they leave a trickle going, so now they have a broken water pipe. Whoops!”

Here’s to riding out this cold snap and keeping your boat safe!

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